By now you all have heard about the innocent killing of college students this past week at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon on Thursday. According to a New York Times article, Sunday, October 4, 2015, “Mass Killers fit a Profile, but So Do Many Who Harm No One”, tries to describe the profile of American children who shoot other children. As the title suggests, it’s very difficult to describe a profile of a mass killer, because that profile includes millions of people who are not going to kill. However, with many of the killers, according to Dr. Swanson of Duke University, the signs of anger, disappointment, and solitude may lead to killing, but many people show similar signs who don’t kill. He went on to say, “studies show that only 7% of people with a diagnosed mental illness might do anything violent in a year, and that (includes) something as minor as pushing or shoving somebody.”

The father of the killer at Umpqua Community College blamed the gun laws that permitted his son to acquire over a dozen handguns and rifles as a major factor, by saying “this would not have happened”, if the gun laws were changed. The father didn’t even know that the son had owned firearms.

While Deeds From The Heart cannot promise to stop the mass killings, we can promise to imbue values in children and help them to believe in themselves.  We can show children that they can make a positive difference in their own lives and in others. We can teach them to love themselves.

Deeds From The Heart touches children’s souls and opens up their minds, while supporting the family and working with the community and child. We help in building character, confidence and self – esteem in children so that they become happy, fulfilled, loving members of society. We build community, and we recognize children for the good deeds that they do.

Don’t delay, please sign up your children today to ensure their bright future.