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My children and I participated in Deeds From The Heart events for several years. The each event gave the kids an opportunity to do something for others……it helped them to see and understand how lucky they are and how it is important to reach out and help other people.
Susan Chortek Weisman
Deeds From the Heart is a must for any family that wants to provide their kids the gift of compassion and tolerance. Every program we participated in provided a unique and memorable learning experience that I could not have exposed them to without this wonderful program.
Alicia Dunn
We love Deeds from the heart because it teaches kids to appreciate and value other people’s lives, as well as theirs. It teaches compassion, tolerance, and appreciation for important things in life.
Deeds From The Heart is one of the best things I did for my kids. It gave them compassion, confidence, and personal growth. I highly recommend it.
Michelle Serwin