Why did both Republican and Democratic Candidates For President talk about Character,Values and Ethics? Because this helps to define the type of person they are and will be.  Our Character stems from our values and experiences in life.  Our Ethics are our morals and all of this guides our behavior and how we treat others.

There are plenty of examples of countries, corporations, people, entertainers, sports figures, politicians, government officials who do not model good behavior.  Most people go through life and don’t think about why they do what they do. It’s automatic.  You can model good values for your children, but as they get older, they develop their own Character, Values and Ethics, that may not match your own.  But one thing they must take seriously, is their reputation.  It’s how others see them, based on how they act.

Character, values and morals are critical to the growth of children.  Yet, kids are bombarded with being over-scheduled, scrutinized and enabled by the people who love them the most, and they feel entitled.  How does this impact their Character, Values and Morals?

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