It’s Holiday Time and what better time to spend it with family, eating together and reminiscing about good times in the past and sharing hopes and dreams for the future.

Building confidence in children is a lifelong process. You may be able to do it when they are young, but as they grow into teenage years, confidence and self -esteem comes from their peers. That doesn’t mean you as parents have no impact, you do!

If children are confident when they are young, their is a higher probability that they will be confident when they are older. But to help build confidence, you can enroll your children into Deeds From The Heart programs. We move children off the couch and into the community where they make a striking difference in other people’s lives. This not only makes them confident and shows them that not all society has what they do, it builds empathy.

There is no amount of money that will fulfill your child’s soul. But, there are active steps you can take so that they know how to fill their own soul.  If you ask them questions about what is fulfilling to them, they probably won’t know. But, if you look at what they do daily and get pleasure out of, you will have some idea as to whether it is, art, building projects, the environment, sports, dance, theater,, leading, or following others. Confidence comes from modeling it, but also from giving your little ones tasks to do around the home, and complementing them on it.

Confidence-building is a life-long gift and it takes many people to help build the inner heart and soul of children. Please consider enrolling your children in our programs. You will be happy you did!

Happy Holidays To You All!!!!