I want to wish this beautiful community a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! We have so much to be thankful for, including health, brains, friends, family, the environment and living in the USA!!!

I was reading the newspaper, like always do in the morning, and came across an article that caused me to say OMG!!! The title: The ART OF The TABLE. Ok, one would think its about decorating the table, but no. It is about teaching etiquette regarding the Thanksgiving meal to high school students in South Carolina. For the last 16 years, the history teacher has taught her students how to eat a proper Thanksgiving meal. Really?

The article went on to say, that good manners at the table is as antiquated as the rotary telephone. It is not just about setting the table, making it beautiful and not using a phone, it is also about being “respectful” to others. Coming prepared to speak to young people at the table and involving everyone in conversation. Yet, the teacher, shows students how to put a napkin on there lap, chew with their mouths closed, and not come with chewing gum to the table. Didn’t we learn all this growing up?

In August, The Pew Research Center published a study of American attitudes towards the use of cell phones. The findings: 92% of Americans, say they rarely or never turn them off and 88% said that it wasn’t okay to use them at the table. That said, the teacher has found while some students grow up knowing about the finer etiquette of dining, others rarely eat together, even at Thanksgiving. Now, that is the saddest finding of all.

Happy Thanksgiving to All! Just please make sure, your table is engaging and respectful for everyone!! I am very thankful for you!!!!