September 8th

  • Meet with kids for 1 hour to introduce Respect and share what to expect.
  • Do an activity involving Respect and tie it to confidence and self-esteem
  • Give action steps for the following week and follow-up call

September 21st

  • Social Action Activity: Bring Fruit Baskets To a Fire Station as a thank you for protecting us and learn about fire safety and how you can save your life if a fire ever broke out in your home.

Details to Follow

October 6th

  • Meet a successful personal coach, who will discuss how she first learned “respect” and what happened in her life when she didn’t use “respect”.
  • Also receive an action step for the following week and follow-up call.

October 24th

  • Do a Social Action Activity: Serve meals to over 200 older, poor and mentally challenged adults at a senior center.  Learn about who these individuals are and why they come to the Center.

Details to Follow

November 10th

  • Each child meets one-on-one with Gabrielle for 20 minutes. Please schedule your meeting  early.

November 24th

  • Graduation: each child gets a certificate of completion indicating that they have mastered the value being taught and are eligible to move on to the next value.

Details to Follow

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Deeds From the Heart is a must for any family that wants to provide their kids the gift of compassion and tolerance. Every program we participated in provided a unique and memorable learning experience that I could not have exposed them to without this wonderful program
Alicia Dunn
Deeds From The Heart is one of the best things I did for my kids. It gave them compassion, confidence, and personal growth. I highly recommend it.
Michelle Serwin
We love Deeds from the heart because it teaches kids to appreciate and value other people’s lives, as well as theirs. It teaches compassion, tolerance, and appreciation for important things in life.
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