Today in the news it was revealed that Russian track and field Olympians were doping and everyone from the coaches, doctors, labs and the International Association of Athletics Federations knew about it.  In fact the former President of the Athletics Federations, Lamine Diack, is accused of taking bribes to conceal positive doping tests from the Russian athletics federation!!

This kind of behavior from athletes that are supposed to be role models for our children, is completely disheartening. How do we teach our children not to lie, when TV shows and real life people and organizations lie?

It is a fact that the pressure put on teens in school causes them to lie. A CNN pole has shown that 75% of high school students admit to lying and a whopping 50% think that is ok. These behaviors, despite what parents teach are pervasive. Elementary kids lie and cheat as well.

How do we stop this lying and cheating? I think positive role modeling and talking to your children about the consequences of lying are two of the strongest things parents can do. Because of the doping of Olympic athletes, Russia may be barred from participating in the next Olympics and future competitions. Consequences of lying must be stressed.  Also, social action shows kids how lucky they are and has wonderful benefits when done consistently.

This is why Deeds From The Heart works with children between 4 and 12 so that they can experience greater character, confidence and self-discipline. When faced with the situation of lying or telling the truth, we hope they will take the high road. Parents can talk til the cows come out, but other people need to recite the same chorus. The more children hear the same thing from others, the message will sink in. It takes a lot of people to build the “inner self” of children.

Please start today and enroll your kids in Deeds From The Heart programs!! You will be happy you did!.