Did you know that the biggest occupations now and into the future require social skills?  Work that includes social skills and mathematical or technical prowess has grown the most, 24% from 1980 to 2012. They include jobs held by doctors, nurses, physical therapists and engineers. Now there is a call to teach social skills in schools. Really?? Isn’t that something we all learned growing up?

Perhaps it’s the day to day emphasis on technology and the over scheduled child syndrome that is the driving force for calling for “social skills” to be taught in school. Or, is it the amount of homework schools give that disallows children to just go out and play and form social bonds?

The Nobel Prize winning economist, James Heckman concluded in cutting-edge work that “character, dependability and perseverance are as important as cognitive achievement.” He also found that this can be learned.

This is why Deeds From The Heart works with children 4-12 so they can experience strong character, confidence and self-discipline on a daily basis. We create life changing experiences for children that builds confidence, values and leads to happy children. Isn’t that what everyone wants? It takes many people working on the “inner self” of children to impact them in a positive way. Deeds From The Heart is one answer.

You can also book Deeds From The Heart to speak on The Secret To Raising Happy Children and learn why the messages we give our kids as they grow, are not the right ones for happiness!

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