Parents, are you aware that Diversity Directors are being hired by Universities and Colleges?  Really?  When we were growing up, it was a given to include and respect everyone.  Today, many Caucasian freshman have never been exposed or friends with Afro-Americans.  Likewise, both groups hold certain stereotypes pertaining to Asians.  And that is part of the reason why Diversity Directors are hired at Universities and Colleges.

What I see in San Diego, is that people live amongst there own kind of people.  And few people branch out.   That is one reason why I started Deeds From The Heart.  It is to expose young children to host of people who are different than themselves and to do a good deed for them.  When kids engage in doing good deeds, they are happier, do better in school and make better decisions about drugs and alcohol.   In addition, they build “confidence” and when you have a confidant child, you can be sure they will go through life able to adjust to change and tackle problems that occur more easily.  Confidence is what we want to give to our children.   So you help build it in your home, and allow us to help you build it, outside your home.  That way, when your children are college bound, they will understand diversity and may even be an advocate for it.

Please sign your children up today!  You won’t regret it!!!